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What is I Market Marketing?

I Market Marketing is a multichannel marketing platform dedicated to assisting, supporting, and promoting the online marketing efforts of internet marketers through coaching, online learning, e-commerce, and job boards.

Target Audiences:

Members (Students):
Individuals with little to no experience in online marketing.

Coaches (Instructors):
Individuals with extensive knowledge or success in specific areas qualified to lead, guide, or coach others.

I Market Marketing Multichannel Services?

I Market Marketing was created to serve as both a source of support for inexperienced marketers and one of revenue for online coaches.


Business directory listings is a promotional services offered to business owners with several avenues for gaining more exposure to include banner and in-post advertising.


Create an online store to generate revenue from the selling of new or existing products and merchandise.


  • Receive immediate access to FREE courses.
  • Locate coaches or mentors to provide direction with online marketing strategies.
  • Participate in course-based chat & forum discussions.
  • Attend posted course and chat events.



  • Get help with a task or effort that falls outside of your current skillset.
  • Post jobs for members to bid on and offer payment in the form of barter, trade, or fee.
  • Generate revenue or bartered services by bidding on projects.

iMarket Marketing

A learning platform providing free or fee-based curriculum for personal or professional development in Marketing.

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