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Email List & Autoresponder Management Request


Email List Building Management Services

Built-in email marketing services allowing for cost-effective list building for coaching startups.

Features & Options

  • Monthly membership amount of $15. Fee includes:
    • 1 Mailing List to attract subscribers.
    • 1 Autoresponder to send mailing list notifications.
    • 1 Customizable newsletter & standard themes.

  • Blogging Options:
    • Create broadcast notifications to multiple lists.
    • Send mailing list notifications via blog post.
    • Interact & send notifications to other niche community mailing lists:
      • Academics Coaching
      • Addiction & Recovery
      • Business Coaching
      • Family Coaching
      • General Coaching
      • Health & Wellness Coaching
      • Holistic & Spirituality Coaching
      • Mental Coaching
      • Performance Coaching
    • Send attachments with notifications.

Application Submittal Process (Laymen Terms)

  • Email Marketing services reserved for registered Coaches only.
  • Role assignment is handled manually to validate accounts.
  • Email list creation is performed manually.
  • Autoresponder settings are standard for all accounts.  No exceptions!
  • The process requires you to complete the form by adding:
    • The name of your coaching niche. This allows group assignment.
    • The name of your mailing list. The Autoresponder will be named accordingly.
  • Once the list is created you’ll receive an email notification along with HTML form code to be used for lead generators.


  • The Email Marketing Services are limited features.
  • FULL email hosting services are not available. This includes:
    • Subscriber management.
    • Subscription signup monitoring & notification.
    • Autoresponder creation.
    • Mailing list creation.
  • Email lists are limited to 250 subscribers.
  • Subscribers will not be imported into lists.


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Coaching Niche (required)

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Academics CoachingAddiction & RecoveryBusiness CoachingFamily CoachingGeneral CoachingHealth & Wellness CoachingHolistic & Spirituality CoachingMental CoachingPerformance Coaching

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