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Digital Marketing Agent

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy which uses electronic (digital) platforms such as search engines, social media networks, email messaging platforms, and mobile apps to advertise (promote) goods & services.

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What is a Digital Marketing Agent?

The Digital Marketing agent is a resource located within the I Market Marketing platform capable of helping business owners create online digital marketing campaigns aimed at promoting their goods & services effectively across various marketing platforms.

The Digital Marketing agent will use their resources and various digital marketing tools to create marketing strategies designed to meet the business needs of the business owner. This can include but isn’t limited to:

  • Google AdWords.

  • Facebook Ads.

  • Keyword Planners.

  • Bing Ads.

  • SEO Reporting Tools.

  • Analytics Monitoring Tools

How Does It Work?

The Digital Marketing agent (instructor) utilizes hosted services such as live chat, online courses, community forums, or support groups to engage individuals or business owners that have already joined the platform seeking assistance in this particular niche.

Through these engagements marketing agents are able to craft applicable solutions designed to address the needs of the individual or business.

The Digital Marketing agent (instructor) will also have the opportunity to convert these individuals or business owners into clients whose products they promote on a regular possibly resulting in MVP status.

Why Become an I Market Marketing Agent?

Marketing is about meeting the needs of individuals or business owners by working to help attain new customers for their products or services. In order for this to happen you have to be motivated and committed to meeting these needs.

As a Marketing Agent within the I Market Marketing platform you have the opportunity to secure clients who are eagerly seeking help in this area.

Serving as a Marketing Agent could lead to opportunities in other areas related to marketing. Aside from creating additional income, you have the chance to start over by making a living doing something you enjoy. The more you know, the more you grow!

What We Offer Our Marketing Agents

I Market Coaching is a business marketing platform designed to define and amplify the efforts of marketing agents while serving as a community committed to addressing & amplifying the needs of individuals & business owners in need of help promoting products & services to new audiences.

The platform offers premium marketing & hosting service options designed to help establish agents as authorities in their chosen marketing niche. These include but are not limited to the following:

Online Courses
Agents (Instructors) have the ability to create and offer online courses to potential clients. Courses can be offered online or offline for FREE or for a fee at the agents discretion. Courses can also be added as products and sold within the community store.

Live Chat
Agents (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in chat features engage with indviduals & business owners possibly converting them to clients.

Content Marketing
Agents (Instructors) have the ability to implement a content marketing strategy by blogging, with hopes of increasing awareness for their online marketing efforts.

Blog posts can links or images to courses, products, or affiliate products. Author profile data is contained within each post for the purpose of providing contact related information about the agent author.

Online Events
Agents (Instructors) have the ability to host online events which are shared within the network community calendar. Event information is made available to visitors and members. Agents also have the ability to configure RSVP options within their events allowing them to manage event registrants.

Course Website Hosting
Agents (Instructors) have the ability to create websites for their marketing business or courses. These websites allow full Administrator access and come pre-configured with access to premium themes and plugins.

Domain mapping is a paid option available to agents, website owners. Once configured a website can be mapped to a custom domain name and configured to not only promote the Agent’s marketing business or course but to also host pay per click or affiliate banners allowing for an additional source of revenue.

Email List Building
Agents (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in newsletter services to distribute content to members for the purpose of building an email list.

Agents (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in advertising agency to purchase ad spaces allowing them to insert banner images promoting their services & products.

Agents (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in e-commerce platform to sell courses and products related to their marketing services.

Brand Amplification
Agents (Instructors) have the ability to use the I Market Marketing platform to promote (market) their online marketing efforts to our visiting audience. These efforts are further amplified through the I Market Marketing social media channels.

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